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Promotions and Links really!

Slurpee Newbie- Automatic
Slurpee Trainee- Donate 100NP & post 3 messages
Slurpee Evoker- Donate 200NP & post 10 messages
Slurpee Maker- Donate 500 NP & Post 20 messages
Slurpee Manager- Donate 1000NP & have suggested a good idea or two
All council positions are random
By post we don't mean spam!
Of course, there are other ways to get promoted.

Wishing Well
Items priced:
1000NP- Item worth 2000NP or below
3000NP- Item worth 2000NP- 4000NP
5000NP- Item worth 4000NP- 10, 000NP
Prices will get higher once we get more members and donations. ;)

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