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Pets Guide
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Everything about those little neopets!

Your Pets

Click here to see the pets and their popularity!

Each account can have a maximum of four pets. You can either create a new pet from the Create a Pet link on the side bar or visit the Neopian Pound and adopt one that someone has abandoned. If you create a new pet, note that some of the pets are restricted for various reasons.

Once you have your pet, there are several things to do with it:


Feeding your pet.

Your pet WILL get hungry and needs to be fed. You can monitor this by clicking on your pet's name on the link below your name and you NP level on the bottom of the left hand sidebar. Each pet has a different personality and may not like some things you feed it. To feed your pet, go to you inventory and click on a food item, then select the feeding option on the box that pops up. There is even a gourmet club for picky eaters and your pet can win a trophy for eating the most gourmet foods. To learn more about gourmet foods, click here.


Items for your pet.

There are some items that you can use on or with your pet.

** can read them to a pet (they disappear after you read them). If you pet reads enough, they can earn a trophy in the Neopian Book Awards! The book list is here.

** can play with your pet and keep them happy. Note...some toys may say MAGICAL and this will alter your pet into that type of pet (plushies mainly) so be careful.

** can choose to equip your pet with battle weapons if you plan to fight them in the battledome. There is a link in your shop inventory if you want to unequip an item. Note...some weapons only work on some pets.

**Potions/medicine....these can cure or change your pet depending on what it is.

**Petpet....your pet can have a pet all its own! Give the petpet to your pet and he can play with it! Click your pet's description to see the petpet and play with it.


Training & Battling.

If you want to train your pet to grow stronger, be sure to visit Coltzan's Shrine in the Lost Desert every day and maybe consider putting your pet into training at either Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy on Krawk Island or the Mystery Island Training School. The Swashbuckling Academy is good for pets under level 40 and takes dubloons as payment. The Mystery Island Training School takes codestones as payment and can train any level of pet. When you put your pet in training, be sure to view the status and pay for the course, and then check back after the allotted time and finish the training. One other alternative to training is gaining access to the Lab Ray and zapping your pet everyday. It is expensive to collect all the Secret Laboratory Map pieces to gain access, but once you do, you have life time access, and can zap your pet once a day. You have to go to the Games Room and pick Puzzles and scroll down to the Treasure Hunt game where you can select to hunt for the Secret Lab maps. Look here for more info.




If you decide to battle, training is a must.  Then you can equip your pet and battle in the battledome. You can fight against other players or battle opponents that you have found around the site. Read the Battlepedia for more info.


Trophies for your Pet

Your pet can earn trophies that appear on your pet's look up page for entering contests like the Gourmet Club, the Neopians Book Awards, Beauty contest etc. Click here to see your trophies and here for more info on contests available.


Your Pet's webpage

Your pet has a webpage and you can edit it or leave it as the default that each pet species has. To see your pet's page or edit it, go to Pet Central and click Pet Pages. You can even see how many people have viewed your pet's page! Click here for some HTML help.


Your Pet's look up.

People will want to see your pet, and they will view your pet's look up by clicking on the pet's name from your user look up. You can edit your pet's look ups with HTML by clicking on your pet's quick reference info and finding the link or clicking here.


Changing your pet.

You can do a lot of things with your pet including paint them different colors if you find a paint brush or use a morphing potion to change them. To see all the possible ways to paint pets, visit the Rainbow Pool on the main Shops page. (You can even paint petpets!) Click here to see other ways to change your pet.