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Neomail ALL answers to slurpee_contest or suikoden00
Mystery Pic~
I twist and turn and run up mountains. I strecth across most of the world, but yet I never move. what am I?
Riddle 2~
You overtake the last person in a race, which position are you in?
Caption Contest~
Send- It- In~
Send in 3 items with the word 'Tombola' in it. Good luck!
Silly Songs~
What song is playing on this page? Send the answer!
Guess the Villain's Movie~
In which movie does the villain Rasputin appear in?
Thats it... for now. We will have more contests as we get more members. :)

You want to run a contest or simply have an idea? neomail one of our council members, suikoden00 is the best one to, and your contest or idea might just go up on our website!